Because YOU are important !

…for Personal development and Goal achievers

By opening and deepening our breath we experience increased joy and energy, we clear and integrate emotional blockages, we expand our awareness, and live with clarity and authenticity.  From there the achievement of your goals – and ultimately your purpose – are just a breath away!

…for Health and Sport

The breath is the key to health and vitality! A well oxygenated body optimizes our health, helps regulate the metabolic system, eliminates toxins, and strengthens the immune system. This provides lasting wellness and is an important support for asthma,  and for cardiovascular, digestive and sleep disorders.

Breathing properly during a sports activity provides us with more energy and endurance, and also improves our performance significantly which ultimate will give us more enjoyment.

…for balanced life at work

The better we breathe the more we energize ourselves throughout the day and the more we are motivated and performant at work.  By managing stress better we develop more clarity and  a healthy work-life balance.



Breathing Retreat
at Kientalerhof, Kiental, Switzerland
9th-12th of June 2017

Breathing-Holidays in Cuba
New date: October 10-14, 2017


An amazingly uncomplicated way of getting in touch with myself, my fears, my power, my love, my joy, my source . D.W.

I was on the verge of a burnout when I decided to sign up for this seminar. The seminar let me discover new ressources–and led me to replace some of my self-restricting beliefs with empowering ones. Back in everyday life, I find myself well grounded towards the incoming waves … I even like the water playing around my toes 🙂 . I also find the legimitation to stand in for what I need or to just say “no” more often and more easily. D.W.

This seminar helped me to release some past bad resentments, to free myself from my controlling behaviour. After some intense sessions on the emotional level, I felt much love in my body, in my heart, thanks to the emotions’ release and to the warm presence and the right support of assistants. At the end of the week I felt lighter and serene. J.J.

By doing the breathing more regularly I feel that it gets me closer to myself.  By getting closer to myself I am closer to others.  I feel that I am lighter, I am able to leave people with the values that matter to them. I.K.

I lived a unique and incredible experience.R.D.

Best “doping” for running! I.M